Emergency Restoration Services of Terre Haute, IN

When your home or business is damaged in Terre Haute, the Paul Davis cleanup and emergency restoration technicians are prepared to answer the call to assist businesses and families recover from the damage. Whatever your emergency may be you can rely on Paul Davis of Terre Haute IN at any time.

Fixing the damage on your property takes precedence, so we strive to answer requests within half an hour and arrive on the scenein less than four hours. Our cleanup and emergency restoration specialists are aware that timing is essential in the event of an emergency which is why we are here to relieve prompt emergency cleanup services. The disaster cleanup technicians at Paul Davis Emergency Services are aware of specifically what is required to fix and reconstruct a property in order to restore its pre-loss state. This level of quality is all possible when we hire the best teams equipped with the best tools.

Residential & Commercial Property Emergency Cleanup

It doesn’t matter how the property damage occurred, we treat and remove all the symptoms causing them. Our emergency services include:

Damage from Storms

Paul Davis Emergency Services experts assist local businesses and residents with storm remediation shortly after severe floods or tornadoes have hurt Terre Haute, IN. There’s never a right time for a storm to strike, so our team is prepared at all times respond to calls and offer storm cleanup and emergency restoration services. Paul Davis performs storm damage restoration for tornadoes, floods, tropical storms, winter storms and hail damage.

Flood Damage Restoration

Water damage is devastating for residences and commercial properties across Terre Haute, IN, so Paul Davis Emergency Restoration moves quickly to remove any harm your property has sustained. Armed with advanced equipment and proven methods, we remove water and dry sections under floors and behind walls.

Mold Damage Removal

Mold and mildew can grow in your home or business for decades under the radar. The mold cleanup specialists have the equipment and methods to remove anything on your property affected by mold. From carpeting and flooring to vent systems, we can clean and block future mildew invasions.

Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration

Fire claims homes and businesses from forest fires and arson in the Terre Haute, IN region annually. Paul Davis has been working for over five decades for homes and businesses of all varieties harmed by fire damage. From working with your insurance company to neutralizing smoke odors, the Paul Davis contractors move quickly to fix your home or business no matter what caused the fire damage.

Household Goods & Textiles Cleaning

After water or other kinds of damage hits your home, your textile items, electronics and other possessions might also sustain damage. If these items were affected by fire, mold or water damage your property, call Paul Davis household goods and textiles cleaning. Artwork, furniture, leather goods, paper goods and other items are among the items we can renew if a disaster hits.

Contact Paul Davis of Terre Haute IN

Whichever service you require, you can depend on our emergency damage experts to be devoted, polite and considerate of your requirements. Our objective is to ensure that your home or business is efficient and protected so you can get back to ordinary life in your space. When disaster strikes and causes damage to your home, you can trust Paul Davis Emergency Services of Terre Haute IN to remedy the situation.